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Warwickshire v Leicestershire at C&NW CC
*Friendly Match

Warwickshire 273 (from 63-6) MacLeod 103* Javid 70
Leicestershire 21-0

Looks like a reasonable recovery from a top order collapse - where have we seen that before!?
Did I read somewhere that we have a 14-year old playing in this match?
Who is keeping wicket?
Warwickshire will face Leicestershire seconds with a very young side indeed, which will include 14-year-old batsman Sam Hain. The English-qualified Australian is an exchange student at Loretto School in Edinburgh where former Warwickshire captain Michael Powell now teaches.

Powell has been impressed by Hain, who already plays First Grade cricket in Brisbane, and had no hesitation in recommending him to his former county.

Supporter of the 2014 County Champions
Well, one English qualified Australian disappears into the sunset and another one arrives.
Still don't know who is keeping wicket. I hope its Liam Gately a great find only 16 coming up the ranks quickly.
Liam Gately (16) is the keeper
Supporter of the 2014 County Champions

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