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Ed Pollock - Terry - 04-10-2017

Here's an interesting interview with Ed Pollock by my colleague Ross Lawson:
Nice to see Tony Frost getting a positive mention.

RE: Ed Pollock - Terry - 16-05-2018

Ed Pollock has signed a two-year contract extension so that he is committed to the Bears across all three formats until at least the end of the 2020 domestic season.
Seems like a sensible move for the club and for him.

RE: Ed Pollock - The Good Mugabe - 16-05-2018

Very pleased with this news, Ed is a very talented, and local, player, who has the potential do develop into an international player in the white ball formats.

RE: Ed Pollock - Terry - 21-07-2018

Interview here with the fastest gun in the West (Midlands):